Prayer Space written prayer - Be kind to each other in your life. From God

Our work in schools covers and array of activities and provisions. A typical year starts with clubs running from terms 1-4. These are mainly primary age clubs called JAFFA (Jesus A Friend For All), we also run secondary clubs that give young people the chance to drop-in and have a safe space to go to talk over things in their lives. During terms 1-4 we also take assemblies/acts of collective worship and assist with R.E curriculum delivery. During term 5 we run Prayer/Reflection Spaces. Each one lasts between 3-5 days and is used in the schools during lesson time and during break times. Term 6 is focussed on working with students in year 6, we aim to spend a day with each year 6 group in each primary school, giving each one a copy of the "It's Your Move" book and providing activities that help them to consider life at secondary school. At times we make use of The Life Exhibition, GSUS LIve and Key to life which are all fantastic resources owned and facilitated by Counties.