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Jaffa club

(Jesus A Friend For All)

JAFFA Club is aimed at primary school aged children. At the club we teach Bible stories, play games, watch videos, make crafts and eat JAFFA cakes! JAFFA Club is very popular amongst both Christian families and families of no faith at all. At some schools JAFFA club is only for those in year 3 and year 4, in other schools JAFFA Club is open to children from Reception year right up to year 6. The school years that are invited to come are dependent on the size of the school and the amount of clubs already available for children of different year groups. We vary the games and activities based on the group that attends each club. In a club that takes children all the way through primary school we have a wide range of activities to suit children of all abilities and learning styles.

A typical JAFFA Club runs as follows:

Start with the register, rules and any important information. Then a re-cap on last week.

Next, we normally play a game which is often connected to the Bible story we will be learning about.

Then we have our Bible story. Sometimes we tell the story, sometimes we watch the story and sometimes the children are the story!

We then have a time of craft, activity sheets and general rounding up of what the story was about and what we might learn from it. (We normally have a drink and a JAFFA cake at this point).

Finally, there is an opportunity to share, reflect and pray. Although all children are involved in this part no one has to share, reflect or pray, we only ask that they respect others that might want to.

To finish, everyone collects their items of coats, bags and personal belongings and we say goodbye.