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Term 5 (after Easter) is fast approaching and we aready have 8 prayer and reflection spaces booked in! We have picked three potential themes this year to base our spaces around. These themes enable students to reflect on their own lives and beliefs whether they have a faith in a God or not. All our spaces feature one particular activity where students spend time asking God any question they like, by writing it on card before placing it in a net.


- Belonging- this is a theme that we have set up and ran in the past. This theme helps the student think about how someone belongs (or doesn't), to reflect and/or pray for themselves and the people that help them to belong. They also reflect and pray about people in the world who are displaced or disadvantaged and who feel that they no longer belong.


- Treasure- This is a new theme for this year. It offers students the opportunity to think about what/who they most value in the world. They reflect/pray about people in the world who don't feel valuable and how they might help them. Finally, students think about their own value.


- Lighthouse- There have been lengthly discussions about the name of this space, but we have decided to go with lighthouse rather than light as we want the students to have the opportunity to think specifically about people who have helped them to make good choices and how they can be like a lighthouse to others.


Our spaces use interactive activities to help the students of all ages and abilities reflect on different aspects of the theme. Each space that we run costs from £900 to £950 per week. This covers the space being supervised every day for lessons and break times. It covers all the consumable resources like paper, post-it notes, glue, staples and pens. Yet like everything that we do this service is offered at no cost to the school. If you feel able to donate towards running and setting up these spaces then please send cheques to the address below and make them payable to Hastings Christian Trust, alternatively you may want to purchase something for the spaces. We have an Amazon shopping list which has things that we need for the spaces on it. You can access the list here to purchase items, please have items delivered to: - CSWH 242 St Helens Road, Hastings, TN34 2NE. You could also get items delivered to yourself and we can collect them. It may be that you would like to be involved in the setting up and/or leading the spaces. If so please get in touch to find out more. We need volunteers for these very intensive activities.