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n Terms 1 and 2 (September up to the Christmas break) we were able to run 8 JAFFA Clubs. Some of the clubs happened at lunch times and others after school. Over the course of the two terms we welcomed over 200 children coming along to find out what JAFFA was all about and a regular weekly total of about 120 across the 8 clubs. We were using our brand new Kindle Fire tablets (thanks to the Hastings Youth Trust who so generously have sponsored the purchase of the tablets) to engage with the Guardians of Ancora Bible exploring game in 6 of these clubs as well as a short story time and making/activity sheet.


The other two clubs followed a more traditional style with games, story time, craft and activity sheets. The children have engaged so well with the Guardians of Ancora game, they have learnt lots about Jesus and we know of a good number who have downloaded the game at home to conitinue their exploration of the stories and activities the programme has to offer. Thank you to everyone who has donated towards the Kindle tablets. They are a fantastic resource that we are able to use as another tool to engage the children and young people we meet with stories from the Bible.


This term all 8 clubs are continuing up until the Easter break (two will continue after the Easter Break). As we have now completed all the stories that Guardians of Ancora has currently available we will be using our own resource Bible Celebrities to take the children through the story of Joseph at 7 of our 8 clubs. Ark Little Ridge JAFFA Club is organised and run by members of St Peter and St Paul Church on Parkstone Road. Itfollows a different curriculum from our other clubs as the volunteers who are responsible for it plan and prepare the club independently. We are so thankful for all our volunteers who help, run, plan and prepare the JAFFA clubs that happen every week. Without them it would be very hard to serve so many schools.