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Link is our weekly (term time) evening inter-church youth group. We are very grateful to St Leonards Baptist Church who currently house us for the group. We meet from 7pm till 9pm and the group is for those in Secondary age upwards.


Young people from schools that we work with to meet other Christian young people. The young people from schools whom we would suggest coming to Link are those who have openly and explicitly told us that they wish to find out more about Christianity or even to become a Christian. Often the next step of helping these young people connect with a church is really difficult as they do not feel comfortable attending a church or church activity where they will not know anyone. Therefore this group is ideal for not only young people from the schools to meet and make new Christian friends, but also for young people whose churches are not in a position to provide a regular youth Bible study group, at Link they meet other Christian young people and are able to develop their own faith.


We have a fantastic group of young people who attend link from seven different churches around Hastings and St Leonards but we are always very happy to welcome new young people on their own or with a group.


We organise every year a trip to the Soul Survivor camp in the summer for the group who attend Link. This is always exciting and a wonderful opportunity for the young people to have fun, have a holiday and spend time getting closer to God.


If you are interested in coming (you are a young person) or you know a young person(or group) who would benefit from attending Link, please get in touch before coming so that we can expect you and be ready to welcome you.