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Link is our weekly (term time) evening inter-church youth group. We are very grateful to St Leonards Baptist Church who currently house us for the group. We meet from 7pm till 9pm and the group is for those in Secondary age upwards.


This year we took a small group from Link to Soul Survivor as we have done in previous years. Unfortunately the event moved venue and the week we normally attend got unusually fully booked, meaning we had to change the dates we were going. This meant that some of those who were coming then couldn't attend (including some of our leaders). However the group we did take had a fantastic time!


One of our older teenagers stood up in a meeting to be healed, she had not been able to smell anything for over a year due to repeated infections. Some of our younger teenagers stood up to pray for her. God healed her - amazing! As you can imagine this gave a huge boost to the faith of everyone in our group! We purchased four Bibles for our younger teens who did not have their own Bibles but who wanted one, as well as lots of hot chocolates (complete with cream and marshmallows) to aid our late night conversations!


The team were amazing who worked tirlessly either as youth leaders or as cooks, cleaners and general super stars! Thank you to everyone who donated items and money to help the young people attend (Especially the Hastings Youth Trust) and for all those who kept us in prayer! We will be going again in 2018 and we can't wait!