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Soul Survivor 2016


What a fantastic trip we had to Soul Survivor this year! We had a group of 33 people in total (inluding leaders and young people). The 5 days were spent having fun as well spending time listening and thinking at the Big Top meetings.


We split the group into four teams for a photo challenge in which each group was given a Dinosaur teddy which they had to include in certain photographs. Each photo was worth different amounts of points and the team with the most points at the end were crowned champions.


The weather was mainly windy, blowy and breezy with a bit of rain added in for dramatic effect. We did however get two extrememly scorching days at the end of the week (one being pack-up day); the group took the opportunity to fill the paddling pool and have a good splash!


We were blessed this year to have three wonderful ladies (Janet Mardell, Joyce Butterfield and Sally Shewry) who came along to cater for our food requirements. They endlessly prepared and cooked meals as well as washing up all the plates, cutlery and pans afterwards! Without them the week would have been considerably harder for the youth leaders who would not have had as much time to spend with the young people.


Next year the dates will be the 19th to 24th August. If you know any young people who would like to join us or if you think you could join our set up or catering team then please let us know.