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Primary assemblies/collective worship

Our schools workers are reguarly invited into primary schools/academies to take assemblies or collective worship. Some schools invtie our workers in once a term, others once a month and some even as often as every 2-3 weeks. Our workers are very flexible as to the age of the children in the assembly and ensuring that they take into account children who may not be from a Christian faith background.

The topics for assemblies are often set by the school and link in with the school themes for that week, month or term. When we plan an assemblie or collective worship we try to bring the theme that we have been given and display it through the telling of a Bible story and from our own Christian perspective (it is made clear that this is our own perspective and someone else may have their own opinion which differs from the one we present,which is of course also acceptable), with a thought or a challenge for them to think about that connects with the set topic.

Our schools workers aim to give the students an opportunity to think and reflect on what has been presented, this is normally through a prayer that the schools workers will say, although they make it very clear that even though they will pray the students may not wish to and that is perfectly fine but they can spend the time while the prayer is taking place, to reflect on how they might apply what they have heard to their week ahead.

A typical Aseembly/Collective Worship looks like this:

The Parable of the Lost Coin Assembly
Welcome and introuduction to what is going to be shared that day: - This is normally done with a funny short-story that one of the schools workers shares. It could also be set by asking the children for example "Did anyone find on the first day of school this year they couldn't find something they really needed for school?" then the children tell their own expereinces.
Then we tell a story connected to the theme - One schools worker Narrates the story while the other acts out the story as the main character. There is normally laughter no-matter what the story as our schools workers are very good at being entertaining and engaging in their story telling, but are very able to bring the children back to a place of listening, thought and reflection very quickly.
Summary - What we can learn from this parable. There is always a non-faith based lesson or morale in this case we take the Christian lesson of being found by God when we wander off and get lost (like the coin) and we make it about if we find ourselves feeling a bit lost because we have made mistakes or got distracted to ask someone to help us find out way back to what we should be doing, as well as what Christians may take or believe because of the story.
To end the children are invited to pray or reflect on how they can apply this to themselves, they are quiet as a prayer is said by one of the schools workers. ( If a prayer is not appropriate in a school then a few moments of quiet for the children to think about what has been said is given).