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New Look, New Season!

Thank you to Tamara from Tamara Sparks Design who worked tirelessly with us to design our new, fresh look. She listened as Lucy went through with her our vision and what we are about, she took it all on board and the result is a brand new fresh look which we think represents the professional and relevant work that we do.

From now on anything you receive from us will have our new logo and colour scheme. Our logo though has different colours depending on how we are using it. So look out for other versions as well as the one on this newsletter. If you're unsure if it's from us just get in touch. We also have a brand new website, full of information about our work. You can also donate to the work we do from the website, either as a one off, or as a regular gift. You can also contact us directly through the site, or enquire about volunteering. Thanks to Lucy our Team Leader who spent hours designing the new site so that it was up to date and working smoothly.