Tom Collins our New Chairman
Prayer and Reflection Spaces 2019
We are coming to the end of Term 4 as we head towards the Easter holiday. After Easter we are straight into running our prayer and reflection spaces. This year our main theme is based around "Fun of the fair" and the activities reflect on things that you would find at a fair and how they can help us to think about our lives, God, prayer and faith. We will not be running as many as usual as we feel we need to train Sarah in how to run them (as she never has) before we leave her to run her own without Lucy. So far we have 4 booked in and potentially there will be 5 maximum. Even though this is less than last year we still work with over 1000 children and young people duringthe term. Prayer and reflection spaces cost the Trust about £1000 each (based on the space being at a school for 5 days) this though does not include equipment. Each year the Trust needs some new equipment to run them things like batteries, new lights, bubble tubes, fabric etc. These things wear out very quickly as they are in use everyday by the children each day of the term, then they are packed up and re-set up at the end of each week and transported around. Lots of the equipment we use is not designed to be moved around and used so much and so naturally it will only last 1-2 prayer space seasons before it needs to be replaced. Therefore, each year our team produce a gift list on Amazon for the items they need that year. People are so generous and either buy straight from the list or buy else where. We can collect items from you, or if you buy it from the list it can be delivered to us. Please have a look at the list and if you feel you are able to give a gift to the prayer and reflection spaces then please do so.
You can access the list HERE