Primary School Aged Work

Prayer Space written prayer - Be kind to each other in your life. From God
JAFFA Clubs Assemblies/Collective Worship
Jesus A Friend For All clubs is for children from Reception to year 6. JAFFA runs at both lunch times and after school. They are completely free and involve games, craft, stories, videos and lots of fun. At JAFFA the children explore stories from the Bible in an engaging way. Our team are invited in to the local schools to take their assemblies/collective worship times. The do this by telling the children a Bible story and helping them to think about what they can learn from the story whether they have a Christian faith or not.
RE Support Prayer & Reflection Spaces
Using different resources and methods our team assist schools to deliver the Christian based aspects of the RE Curriculum. These lessons are always engaging, interactive and fun. A space to think, to pray, to be and to have some quiet. Our prayer and reflection spaces give students the opportunity to take time out away from the busy life of school. Students interact with different zones in a transformed room based around a central theme. The activities are always engaging and suitable for writers and non writers alike. You can see photos from our previous spaces here.
It's Your Move
It's Your Move is normally a full day of activities all based around moving up to secondary school. Our team work with year 6 for the day helping them to think about what secondary school life will be like. How to get ready for it and helping to erradicate the rumours. Each student is given a book called "Its Your Move" which is a guide to secondary school. Our team give out about 1000 copies of the book each year as they help the students feel more prepared for their big step up.