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Guardians of Ancora is a world-class digital game– an amazing virtual world that 8 to 11 year-olds can enter, and a place where the Bible stories come alive.
The game takes you through stories from the Bible which you discover by running, climbing, jumping and zip-wiring through the world of Ancora. Children love playing the game and learn so much as they go.



We are wanting to use the game in our current primary clubs as a new way of engaging the children that we meet. At some of the schools we visit we have either just a few children, making it difficult always to come up with interative fun ways of exploring the Bible, or we find ourselves in rooms too small for such activities with the number of children attending. By using this game we feel we will be able to bring a new dimension into some of our clubs and the children can carry on their adventure at home as well.


To do this we need computer Tablets. Specifically we are looking to buy 12 Kindle Fire HD Tablets which are able to run the game. Each tablet costs about £50. With 12 tablets we can have up to 24 children able to
discover and explore the Bible in a new way.



These clubs have been tried and tested in other parts of the country and have proved to the organisers that they work. The children don’t just play the game but have time to take part in additional activities which help them to think about what they have heard and seen while exploring Ancora.
If you feel able to contribute to the purchasing of the Tablets we would very much appreciate it, we would also appreciate your prayers as we step in this new venture.