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Man-up and Wise-up

Using a resouce called Wise-up we have developed two groups (which can also be mixed) one group aimed at teenage girls and the other for teenage boys.

Wise Up: -At Wise Up we work through various topics including healthy eating, beauty, health and fitness, relationships and emotional literacy. We run wise-up as a Lunch time drop in group and we spend time talking with the girls and using different activities we explore being healthy, happy girls now and in the future, Wise Up is a Christian based resource and uses the Bible to help girls realise their value and esteem. We find that it is not only attended by girls from Christian families but also by girls from different faiths and of no faith at all. All views and opinions are treated with dignitt and respect by all at the group.

Man-Up:- The Term Man-up is used a lot towards boys to encourage them to be physically stronger and emotionally restrained, even though it can be useful to be strong and able to control your emotions, there is so much more to being a man! We have taken some of the topics found in Wise-Up and adapted for teenage boys. They also look at healthy eating, beauty, health and fitness, relationships and emotional literacy. Our aim is to help boys see that actually being a rounded human being is very different to how the media and peer pressure might like to suggest. Man Up is currently running as an after school drop in club, we have hot chocolate and snacks and we use different activities to help them make their own informed decisions about how to live.


Both Man-Up and Wise-Up are presented from a Christian Perspective but in such a way that everyone's opinions and beliefs are welcome and listened to. We can also run Man-Up and Wise-Up as a mixed club, in this case we call it Off-Beat.