Christian schools
workers Hastings

Hastings Christian

Our vision with schools

We aim to support schools in delivering spiritual and moral aspects of the curriculum and in building bridges with local Christian communities.

This means that we seek to help all students to:

* Explore spirituality and faith issues;
* Develop independent and critical thought;
* Value stillness and reflection;
* Seek moral responses in their life situations;
* Recognise and respect diversity of cultures;

And specifically in relation to the Christian faith to:

* Enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Bible;
* Explore the implications of the life and teaching of Jesus;
* Understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus;

And for those who may be Christians to:

* Enable them to think intelligently and confidently about their faith;
* Think through issues relating to living out their faith;
* Equip them to witness to their faith.