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Primary Lessons

We have taken many primary school lessons over the years, the lesson subject has always been set by the teaching staff at the school. We have taken lessons on Christmas, Easter, The Beattitudes, Jesus' anger in the temple, The good samaritan and more. Each lesson has been planned and delivered according to the age group and ability of the class that we were visiting.

We always aim to make our lessons interesting, educational and fun enough so that they remember the lesson as well as the main points. We always take into account children of different faiths or no faith at all, and are very happy to prepare alternative activities for children who may require them.

The lessons we deliver are educational, we aim to give the children an understanding of the subject manner without them feeling in any way obliged to agree or follow it. We try (in ability and age appropriate classes) to hear their opinion on what the subject matter may be teaching or suggesting and often find a healthy discussion of different beliefs and ideas from around the class.

We never pray in a lesson (except when we have been asked to pray the before lunch Grace in CE chools, and this was at the request of the class teachers) as we see praying as an act of worship not of eduction and we have no intention of turning an educational lesson into anything that is not fitting for an educational setting.