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Secondary lessons

We are able to offer Secondary R.E and Citizenship lesson support in various ways. We can come and deliver a lesson on a particular curriculum point or even just be asked questions by the young poeple about our faith.

Every 3-4 years we hae use of a resources called GSUS Live which is a mobile classroom which we have in a secondary school for a week, students in years 7-9 come into the classroom for an hours lesson working as an agony aunt to a character who is dealing with fear, forgiveness or rejection.

We had the use of GSUS Live in 2011, it visited Rye College, Helenswood Lower, Filsham Valley, William Parker and The Grove. In 2015 the mobile classroom visited Rye College, ARK William Parker, The Hasting Academy, Helenswood Academy and Bishop Bell. GSUS Live will be back in Hastings and St Leonards probably around term 5 in 2019. To find out more about it please visit the GSUS Live Website:-