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Be part of the solution

As Christian Schools Workers in Hastings we don't believe we have all the answers, resources or the best ideas. But we do believe that what we do in schools and the community is being part of the solution to see young people and children starting on a journey to a positive future supported by their peers, families and the community around them.

There are three ways in which we think you could be part of what we are doing. As a charity we rely completely on generous, financial giving to fund the work, the workers and the resources that we need. As part of resources our greatest resource is people! Financial giving is one way of supporting the work and time is another. If you have an hour or two, each week, each month or each year, it could make such a difference to our young people!

Finally, as a Christian organisation we also rely on people praying for the work, not only for the energy and enthusiasm to keep going, but to know what new work to start, what old work to finish and the ability to think to the future. To find out more about these three areas just click on the links on the left panel.